New Mascot Update

new game update horny arcana

It’s been a while since the last update to the popular game. So what’s new? Starting today, we’re rolling out some new features that are sure to make your gameplay experience richer. We’ve added new outfits, mascots, and maps in addition to tweaking some of the old ones. We’ve also added a tutorial mode to help you get started on these new features faster.

New Mascot Called Chubbit

We released a mascot: Chubbit. A chubbit is a small and furry creature.

Chubbit’s design is based on Chubbits, the little horned pigs of Mayan legend. The character is often depicted as a prankster and loves to make people laugh. He is seen all over the internet, from memes to YouTube videos.

Some people find it hard to be themselves, but the mascots of Arcana are not afraid to let their true identities shine. Known for their wild dances and unpredictable personalities, Chubbit is the horniest mascot in the game – fueling players with tons of excitement for their next battle. Chubbit’s favorite hobbies include partying, partying, and also partying!