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Available on PC and Android, Horny Arcana can take you everywhere with you for long hours of play. This little adventure-style RPG game for adults will not leave you indifferent and will always push you to go further. You only have to see the loading screen of the game where several pretty heroines are already waiting for you, half naked…

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Strange rumors are circulating about Charde… Some citizens are said to be victims of a curse and have sided with a great evil lord. Because of this, war seems inevitable. This is where you come in… Indeed, if you’ve always wanted to be meaningful and successful with girls, your heyday has arrived.

You meet a charming pink-haired healer named Zoe, who quickly tells you that you are the chosen one! Indeed you have the power to heal the defiled spirits of the citizens to bring them back to normal. Maybe thanks to you war could be avoided? For that you will have to give of your person with all the girls that you will meet on your way … Prepare to fuck them all.

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About Horny Arcana

Horny Arcana is an RPG game created by us here at Super H Games. The game is available for play on Android and PC. A demon is responsible for controlling innocent adventurers to take over the grand Charde Kingdom.

How will you react when you find out that you are the only person who knows about the cure? You remain as the only hope to save this fallen kingdom. This game will keep you on your toes at all times, especially when you are teaming up with the hottest chicks to fight against evil.

The Storyline

The plot revolves around the Kingdom of Charde and how mysterious demonic magic has crept into the kingdom. The Queen of the Kingdom offers a handsome bounty to anyone who can catch the person responsible for this malicious act. There are many adventurers who take up the mission to garner fame, wealth, and prosperity, but all of them end up giving in to corruption.

You are also one of the adventurers, but your heart is set on saving the kingdom instead. On your journey, you end up meeting Zoe, who happens to be the Goddess’s priestess.

She has also been working like you to find and cure this demonic enchantment. Prior to Zoe meeting you, she was repeatedly trying to beat the curse and treat the corruption, but she couldn’t.

The spell behind the corruption was just too complicated and strong. She was losing hope since all of her attempts failed. But when she was at the brink of giving up, you entered the scene and gave her the power for dispelling the corruption. From there, you and Zoe became a team and set out to remove all the corruption.

The moment you and Zoe teamed up, the birth of “The Peachy Troupe” took place. While you and Zoe are on the way to fighting and reclaiming the kingdom, more and more members begin to show up and join.

Also, most of your former allies come against you since they are blinded by corruption. Here, you need to set them free by defeating them and removing the evil influence surrounding them. You will definitely require other adventurers since the mission won’t be easy. Ensure that you are recruiting new allies and finishing challenging missions to get to the top.

The Gameplay

This adventure-based game is new to the online gaming market, but its popularity is bubbling up like crazy. You will have to battle against enemies at every stage of the game. In the game, you should be able to reach specific points, and you need to ensure that your power isn’t falling behind.

Why? Well, because you will end up repeating each stage. Whenever you complete every stage in a specific number of rounds, you will be able to earn stars or points. It will depend on the type of stage that you are in.

It is also possible for you to claim dope items and badges, which will be useful for you in all your battles. You have to remember that every character that you are dealing with is unique.

Every character possesses her own unique skill set in winning arena battles. It is also possible to secure rare characters, which will end up becoming a member of the Peachy Troupe. For instance, there is a rare character named “Celia,” and her skill is called “Squirt Pulse.”

Her level of skills can be charged 5x in a battle. You will love to have her on your team since she is very hard to find. Another way to level up all your skills would be by joining trials or going into arenas. In these areas, you can even partake with other players. You won’t just be playing the game but also making great friends along the way. Be ready to battle it out in different trial sections like Lust Mission, Gift Mission, and Coin Mission.

Every mission comes with the feature of “Daily Chances Cap,” where you will only get to play a mission a specific number of times each day. The coins also form an integral part of the game since it enables you to use characters and their items, which will help in leveling up your team. You need to fight every day and secure all the rewards to succeed in the game easily. Once you start progressing into the game, expect more sexy characters to hop in on your team.

The best part of the game definitely has to be the undressing, teasing, and intercourse session with all of them. The fact that you are on your way to saving the kingdom but also have fun on the way is what sets this game apart from many others. The outfits of the characters are also customizable.

The game operates on a live 2D animation, and the character evolution throughout the game is such a mood. Horny Arcana definitely brings hentai games to life.